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Alban Berg Piano Sonata op. 1

Transcription for string sextet by Heime Müller

World premiere on  29.2.2002 in the Große Sendesaal  of the WDR in Cologne:

Artemis Quartet and members of the Alban Berg Quartet

Natalia Prischepenko and Heime Müller, violin

Thomas Kakuska and Volker Jacobsen, viola

Eckart Runge and Valentin Erben, cello

The premiere-cast  recorded the work.

Sheet music available (as rental material) from Schott Music

Auszug - Artemis Quartett, Kakuska, Erben
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In addition, a recording was made at the  "Spannungen"-festival in Heimbach

Christian Tetzlaff and Heime Müller, violin

Hanna Weinmeister and Beatrice Muthelet, viola

Gustav Rivinius and Alban Gerhardt, cello

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